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Boy’s 7th Birthday Party Balloons.

Boy’s 7th Birthday Party Balloons.

Today is a birthday of my nephew Ethan. He is 7 and a very serious young men.

When he was 3 his main attraction was a builders and anything with heavy machinery. He was planning to have his own construction company with union and paid lunch breaks for his workers. His grandma was going to be his lunch catering service because she is a great cook. Read more

Add Flying Colors to Your Life in New York!

Add Flying Colors to Your Life in New York!

When was the last time did you feel like the girl with Balloons on this picture? Carefree and happy, like a kid? A lot of us feel tired, depressed or just “not in the mood” for anything lately. If this is your normal condition, the best option, probably, will be to go to the doctor or maybe even seek for advise from the therapist. But if this is a simple result of the horrible weather of last winter and all together “world spinning out of control” syndrome, I think you just have to add some “flying colors” to your life and it will start turning in a right direction. Read more

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