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New York City Pride Parade 2018

New York City Pride Parade 2018

New York City Pride Parade 2018 with famous Rainbow Theme will take place on June 24, 2018, and will mark 49th Anniversary of the tragic event that happened on June 28, 1969, and known as “The Stonewall Riots” and 48th New York City Pride Parade. Back in 1969 Stonewall Inn nightclub, located on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, was one of the very few places where gay and lesbian patrons could openly spend time together, have a drink and even dance. Stonewall Inn was vital LGBT institution because it was a safe haven for gay, lesbians, drag queens, not accepted in other places and troubled LGBT youths.

On June 28, 1969, NYC Police stormed into the Stonewall Inn, operating without a liquor license at the time, with a warrant and started arresting revelers inside the bar. The police transportation was delayed and a small group in handcuffs was forced to wait out in a street, which immediately attracted the crowd.

Police officer hit one of the arrested women over the head and she cried out to the people around for help. Bystanders started to throw small objects at the police. Once crowd reached hundreds that were when a full-blown riot took place. Police officers decided to barricade themselves inside the bar and later the barricade was set on fire.

At this point, LGBT community activists realized that something must be done to become more visible and accepted. Over next year leaders of LGBT were working on organizing the first parade. First Pride Parade in New York City happened on June 28, 1970, and was a completely different event from silent protest walks with a required dress code: men in jackets and ties and women in dresses. LGBT requested permission for an annual march on the last Saturday in June with “no dress or age regulations.”

Today many cities and countries having Pride Parades with thousands of people attending. The week before New York City Pride Parade 2018 is filled with a street fair and all kind of events organized by LGBT. President Bill Clinton first time in a history on June 11, 1999, signed a proclamation declaring June to be Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. Later Barack Obama also declared June LGBT Pride Month during eight years of his administration. Re-opened Stonewall Inn and 7.7-acre area around was established as the Stonewall National Movement by President Barack Obama on June 24, 2016, turning the site that started a worldwide movement into the first LGBT national park site in the United States.

Traditional Rainbow theme is going to be all around New York City this week, ending with Grand event – New York City Pride Parade 2018. Balloon Shop NYC, division of Village Party Store located in East Village offers Rainbow Balloons Collection for decoration and any events related to this week festivities. Please contact us if any questions.