Add Flying Colors to Your Life in New York!

Add Flying Colors to Your Life in New York!

When was the last time did you feel like the girl with Balloons on this picture? Carefree and happy, like a kid? A lot of us feel tired, depressed or just “not in the mood” for anything lately. If this is your normal condition, the best option, probably, will be to go to the doctor or maybe even seek for advise from the therapist. But if this is a simple result of the horrible weather of last winter and all together “world spinning out of control” syndrome, I think you just have to add some “flying colors” to your life and it will start turning in a right direction.

In this crazy world with everything happening so fast we all need to “recharge the batteries” on regular basis. I know, I know all the things you have to say about that –

don’t have money to take vacation, have too much work to get away, my business will “collapse” if I will leave it for a second, my kids will get in troubles if I will turn away for a minute and such …

Well, can’t say that I am not one of us!  But if you will not take care of yourself, you are not good for anything and anybody.

Croise around Manhattan, New Yorker-Cruise

Cruise around Manhattan, New Yorker-Cruise

We are living in New York – the greatest (slightly abusive sometimes) City on Earth and we have everything within our reach and on a budget. Get some balloons and go on a beach or Central Park. Take a cruse around Manhattan with your friends and family. Take a tour on a sightseeing Bus. I learned a lot of new stuff about New York City last lime I did it myself. Get Out of IT, whatever IT is. The point is – pretend to be a tourist for a little while staying right here in your home city. It will not harm your budget, but will definitely turn your mood to the road of recovery. Helps me, every time!

Add some Flying Colors to your life and be well!

PS. There is also possible vitamin D deficiency, check with your physician… But this is from another topic of conversation.
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