Boy’s 7th Birthday Party Balloons.

Boy’s 7th Birthday Party Balloons.

Today is a birthday of my nephew Ethan. He is 7 and a very serious young men.

When he was 3 his main attraction was a builders and anything with heavy machinery. He was planning to have his own construction company with union and paid lunch breaks for his workers. His grandma was going to be his lunch catering service because she is a great cook.

Boy's 7th Birthday Balloon Bouquet

Boy’s 7th Birthday Balloon Bouquet

Now, at 7 Ethan’s dream took 180 and he is going to be a Ghostbuster! Remember old movie with 4 friends running around the City, chasing ghosts? Yes, that one! Nobody can recall how did it happened, but he watch the movie and now we are going to have great Ghostbuster to chase away our problems!

Well, I was trying to find theme balloons but apparently except Halloween ghosts, skulls, spiders  and other scary stuff there is no “friendly” ghost balloons available. I had to go with smile faces and starts Balloon Bouquet. Birthday boy really liked my balloons!

Happy Birthday Ethan! Whatever path in life you will choose, let it be the one that will make you really happy!

Your Aunt Lilia.

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